In the southeastern corner of the county, sleepy Potter Valley is the home of INMENDO. On the valley floor, the humidity and headwaters of the eastern fork of the Russian River foster silver moss draping from the majestic valley oaks. Wild rose and blackberry vines flourish along rusty barbed wire and redwood fences. On warm summer afternoons, the scent of oakmoss & wild rose commingle to create the inspiration for our favorite candle.

Many candle fragrances can be classified as only masculine or feminine. Our Oakmoss & Wild Rose isn't one of them; it has universal appeal. It’s masculine, with rich woody and musk base notes, yet has an enchanting fusion of herbs roses that give it a feminine touch too.


Top note: Herbs, Grass, Blackberry
Middle Note: Rose, Oakmoss, Sage
Base Note: Blonde Woods, Amber, Musk, Tonka


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