About INMENDO and Our Unique Candles

Each of our candles are inspired by Mendocino County, and are meant to evoke wonderful memories of travel, adventures and experiences there.  

We put a lot of thought into each unique candle. Utilizing a blend of fragrance and essential oils, our seven lush fragrances are hand-crafted to capture an essence of this pastoral corner of Northern California. We use only natural wooden wicks that crackle like the wood of a campfire. We hand-pour 100% domestic soy wax in small batches into hand-selected, locally-sourced, repurposed glassware and ceramics.

Whether your favorite memory of Mendocino County is of a foggy morning along the coast, a warm afternoon in an inland meadow, or a cool evening dining al fresco, we’re confident that one of our unique candles will evoke a cherished memory of one on your favorite travel destinations. Take home one of our candles, and a memory of us here in Mendocino County (until it’s time to visit us again).

Burright Creek               Manzanita and Madrone
Boonville                        Haybarn and Saddle
Potter Valley                   Oakmoss and Wild Rose
Anderson Valley             Harvest and Hearth
Mendocino                     Driftwood and Wildflower
Albion                            Clover, Phlox and Fern  
Navarro                           Redwood and Hollyberry