INMENDO & Craftsman Cuyler Thompson

I was a frequent tourist and visitor to Mendocino County for many years and in 2013, I became a permanent resident of one of my favorite travel destinations.  

Since moving to Potter Valley, I’ve hiked misty mountainsides and foggy beaches, collected wildflowers in sunny inland valleys and spent warm afternoons tasting wines under majestic oaks. I’ve found cool refuge along fern-laden rivers, napping beneath towering redwoods. Some of my favorite meals have been shared fireside with friends and family in Anderson Valley and I revisit my favorites as often as I can. There’s simply nowhere like our sleepy corner of Northern California.

Last year, I embraced my passion for candle-making and how scents can rekindle a cherished memory. Combining my love for fragrance, candles and Mendocino County, I developed unique scents to remind me of my favorite places. I created the Potter Valley fragrance to remember a warm and lazy afternoon spent at my home, the scent of moss draping from majestic valley oaks near the river, and the wild roses which grow beneath them. The Albion fragrance reminds me of foggy winter mornings spent on the bank of the river, savoring the aromas of wild clover, phlox and fern.  

While furnishing my new home in Potter Valley, I also embraced my love of estate sales and thrift shops, rescuing some truly amazing pieces of vintage glassware and ceramics. I imagined stories of the families who had loved them and why they had discarded or forgotten them. Repurposing these treasures as vessels for my candles was the brilliant idea of a family friend.    

I began gifting my candles  to my guests as reminders of their visit to my new home, in hopes they would soon return. Soon, my guests were requesting candle “refills,” which led me to the next chapter of my life: a candle maker in Mendocino County!

Each piece of our glass/ceramic, found here in Mendocino County, tells a story. Each piece has been repurposed and reborn as an INMENDO candle, inspired by the amazing places in our County to evoke memories of your time here. Each candle brings an element of thoughtful remembrance to light whenever the mood strikes.

For more information, contact us at cuyler@inmendo.co